A new theme is on the horizon…

I have been banging around in my secret lab (okay, it’s just my basement) hard at work designing what will be my third module for X-cart 5. This time I’m doing a theme! There is some confusion out there. Is it called a skin, a template, or a theme? It can be any of those names if you want it to be. But to me the word theme embodies the essence of what a good theme should be: a theme. Templates, skins, themes should not really introduce new functionality. They should change the look and the feel of the platform they are designed for. I am keeping this concept firmly in mind as I forge ahead with my new design.

Introducing Magnifico!

Magnifico Responsive theme

Following closely on the heels of my new tutorial, Building a Custom Skin in X cart 5, I am following my own advice and creating a theme for X-cart that I plan to release commercially through the marketplace. I am pretty excited about this, both the potential revenue for me and the expansion this will bring to the X-cart world. When you are building an online shop, you are probably the most concerned with how it is going to look. Different tastes in design is part of what makes us human, and the more options we have in this department the happier we are. I like the default themes that are available with X-cart, but I thought I would try my hand at a slick modern look that would hopefully have broad appeal.

The template is still in a design stage, but here is a first look:


Right now the theme has a full width design for the home page, a very sweet drop down category menu that stays with you as you scroll down, an innovative product slider for featured products and bestsellers, and the best responsive design I have ever worked on. Stay tuned, this theme is coming to a cart near you!

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