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New WordPress Tutorials

WordPress Tutorials
Even though I have still not begun categorizing and posting the vast amount of tutorials that I have done for X-cart 4 over the years, I am happy to announce that 2 new tutorials covering WordPress have been published! WordPress seems like a diversion from our X-cart theme, but it’s the beast that is powering this website, and I have built many sites over the years with this wonderful tool.

Now X-cart 5 (and X-cart 4) has a module that allows WordPress to be housed inside it, and I am currently in development of a module that will allow X-cart 5 to be tucked inside WordPress. So the two platforms are very synergistic. One (X-cart) allows anyone to become an e-commerce extraordinaire, while the other (WordPress) allows anyone to easily spread their message to the masses. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me.
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