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It’s Friday and the code is good

Its been a tough week. Client work always keeps us busy over here, but things have been especially hectic for me, being deep in development of my new theme. Its one of those code projects that are big enough to really sink your teeth into, and once you’ve been bitten, sometimes are hard to chew and swallow.

My recent frustrations came when I switched from pretty pixely fun time, to the hard core world of real code development. So far I’ve been grinding away, polishing the front side of the template. I’ve been dealing with colors and drop shadows, paddings and margins. Now I’m looking at Models and Repos, Viewers and Controllers. Its not as fun. And you get stuck.
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A new theme is on the horizon…

I have been banging around in my secret lab (okay, it’s just my basement) hard at work designing what will be my third module for X-cart 5. This time I’m doing a theme! There is some confusion out there. Is it called a skin, a template, or a theme? It can be any of those names if you want it to be. But to me the word theme embodies the essence of what a good theme should be: a theme. Templates, skins, themes should not really introduce new functionality. They should change the look and the feel of the platform they are designed for. I am keeping this concept firmly in mind as I forge ahead with my new design.
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Re-branding and a Bug in our beloved X-cart

The babymonkey still loves you.
Baby Monkey Studios Logo

Well it’s just day 2 of XcartGuru’s life as a website and a company. I am obviously excited and happy to be blogging again, on a new platform with the same great audience. 2 posts in 2 days? I doubt I’ll be able to keep that up!

I didn’t talk enough about the re-branding in my last post, so I am going to do so now. I have operated for the last 6-7 years under the name babyMonkey Studios.

babyMonkey Studios provided logo design work, video work, programming, and our bread and butter: custom X-cart development. Mostly we worked for individual clients performing upgrades, redesigns and custom fuctionality to their X-cart stores. XcartGuru’s mission is a little different. Sure we will still take on design projects, or custom work for X-cart 4 and X-cart 5 sites. But our main goal is focused on building and supporting modules released through the X-cart marketplace.
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Hello world!

Well hello! Of course WordPress blogs always start life with a “Hello world!” blog entry, but this concept means more than that to us. Programmers use “Hello World” all the time in their code, it keeps us company on the long nights…

Hi, my name is Mike White, CEO and founder of XcartGuru. I’m very pleased and excited to bring you this new site, I am sure it will grow into a giant monstrosity of a thing! :-)
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