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  1. I’ve followed your tutorial for creating a custom skin in xcart5. It goes smoothly until the final rebuild. That’s where it gets hung up on step 11of11. I’ve carefully gone over your video several times and the same thing happens each time. It forces me to restore the site to a backup before I ran the rebuild. I am running xcart 5.1.7. What can be causing this??

    1. Hi Ed,
      Hopefully you are running on your localhost or a dev site, so you can afford for the site to be down for a bit after you have had the error and can troubleshoot before restoring. Rather than restoring the whole site, you can just delete the var/run directory and try the rebuild again after checking/editing your code. You might also have to delete the rebuild started files in the var directory.

      As soon as it hits that step 11 problem, do you get any particular message on the page? Is there any error message in var/log? When testing/developing, I like to empty out the log directory, then recreate the error so I can easilly see what error is specific to my problem.

      1. Hi Mike
        Thanks for the fast response!
        Yes. This is all happening on a dev site.
        Here is what shows on the page when it gets hung:

        Deploying store [step 11 of 11], please wait…
        Run the “Templates_Plugin_ViewLists” plugin… [2.41 sec, 34.2MB (28.7MB)]
        Run the “Templates_Plugin_Patcher” plugin…[0.12sec, 34.3MB (136b)]
        Run the “Templates_Plugin_Plugin_Compiler” plugin…

        The hang up seems to create two PHP files a large sql.log file (167MB) and a smaller upgrade.log (224bytes)

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