This section of is dedicated to the E-commerce industry as a whole. While we are obviously focused on news and events about X-cart, we can’t turn a blind eye on the rest of the industry. Staying up to date with the other platforms gives us insight into the latest features and functions from their developers, and can help us develop new tools and techniques of our own. Keeping in touch with general merchant trends, new payment processing systems, and the latest inventory management system means we understand exactly where the E-commerce industry is headed.

That leads us to our first post in this section:

What is E-commerce?

Wikipedia says:

Electronic commerce, commonly known as E-commerce or eCommerce, is trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet.

This sterile definition is certainly accurate, but for those of us engaged in the industry the subject means so much more. E-commerce is building a 24-7 online storefront for your products or services. E-commerce is staying up till the wee hours loading those products and tweaking the descriptions and images till they are perfect. E-commerce is researching your competitors, and fighting an online war with them using technology as your weapon. E-commerce is optimizing your on-page content for search engines, and carefully budgeting your PPC campaigns. E-commerce is about fighting shipping costs and suppliers, wrangling down the prices so you can compete. And for some of us, E-commerce is about creating the successful, laid back lifestyle that we always wanted, with far less hassle than running a physical, retail operation.

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