It’s Friday and the code is good

Its been a tough week. Client work always keeps us busy over here, but things have been especially hectic for me, being deep in development of my new theme. Its one of those code projects that are big enough to really sink your teeth into, and once you’ve been bitten, sometimes are hard to chew and swallow.

My recent frustrations came when I switched from pretty pixely fun time, to the hard core world of real code development. So far I’ve been grinding away, polishing the front side of the template. I’ve been dealing with colors and drop shadows, paddings and margins. Now I’m looking at Models and Repos, Viewers and Controllers. Its not as fun. And you get stuck.

I was building what I perceived as the hardest part first, the admin interface of the sliders that will go on the homepage. I want the interface to be slick and minimalist like the rest of X-cart 5′s admin. A simple list like the categories, easily sortable, with an ajax image upload facility. I got everything I wanted, looking and working beautiful, until you click save changes. And the Error screen pops.

But our story ends well. Hence the title of this post. About 3pm EST I found the one simple file that was missing, popped the class in there, and boom she was working!


In other news, one of my good friends that uses X-cart 5 found another bug. I decided to record the example and use it as the focus of this week’s video update.

With that out of the way, it leads us to the truly big news of the week:

X-cart 5.1.6 Released!

X-cart just announced the release of X-cart 5.1.6, and this latest release fixes a number of bugs. It also brings the beta version of the new Advanced Order Management which my good friend Alex Mulin calls “the sexy AOM”.

Read the full release report here:

We do have some very good news to report, the bug we reported September 4th has been fixed in 5.1.6! Well done X-cart team, you rock!

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