New WordPress Tutorials

WordPress Tutorials
Even though I have still not begun categorizing and posting the vast amount of tutorials that I have done for X-cart 4 over the years, I am happy to announce that 2 new tutorials covering WordPress have been published! WordPress seems like a diversion from our X-cart theme, but it’s the beast that is powering this website, and I have built many sites over the years with this wonderful tool.

Now X-cart 5 (and X-cart 4) has a module that allows WordPress to be housed inside it, and I am currently in development of a module that will allow X-cart 5 to be tucked inside WordPress. So the two platforms are very synergistic. One (X-cart) allows anyone to become an e-commerce extraordinaire, while the other (WordPress) allows anyone to easily spread their message to the masses. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me.

So without further ado I introduce my latest tutorials:

Installing WordPress on your local machine


Building a custom WordPress child theme

I hope you enjoy! Both are aimed at the beginner, but even seasoned pros might find some insight within. It always helps to see how someone else tackles a problem…

2 thoughts on “New WordPress Tutorials

    1. Always! Please feel free to link to them here, or just embed them directly wherever you like. That goes for anyone, but especially you Ksenia!

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