WordPress Tutorials

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in the world, hands down. Now it is also on its way to being the most popular CMS of all time. A CMS (content management system) provides a tool for non technical users to publish web content. Web savvy professionals enjoy it too, it allows anyone to publish content quickly and easily, and manage it in an organized fashion. A good CMS provides tools for publishing pages, managing menus, and uploading media like pictures, movies, and documents. WordPress fills that niche quite nicely.

WordPress usage has spread like wildfire in recent years. We’ve heard statistics stating anywhere from 15% to 25% of the entire content on the web is now published through WordPress.

Why WordPress? Isn’t this the XcartGuru?

WordPress and X-cart are not competing platforms by any means. Rather they go hand in hand in our opinion. Sure you can build a great e-commerce site and publish content with X-cart alone, but if you really want to push the envelope and develop a content rich website you need to leverage WordPress as well. Whether you just want a simple blog inside your X-cart site, or a full-featured information site on top of X-cart.

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