X-cart 5-1-6 Speed Boost

X-cart 5.1.6 Brings a Huge Speed Boost

In the X-Cart world, change happens fast. Turn around and blink, and you’ve missed something. This time it is something really nice. :-)

On September 24th, X-Cart 5.1.6 was released. I mentioned it briefly in my last blog post. By now we have had a chance to play with and test this new version, and it totally rocks! Sure, there are new goodies and toys to play with, like MailChimp integration and AOM, but what we are excited about is the SPEED!

Here is the video log of my speed test, comparing a version 5.1.5 store pre and post upgrade:

Here is a breakdown of the actual numbers:

X-Cart 5.1.5:
First View: 13.293s First Byte: 7.723s
Repeat View: 9.967s First Byte: 6.335s

X-Cart 5.1.5:
First View: 5.253s First Byte: 2.520s
Repeat View: 4.221s First Byte: 3.361s

The numbers speak for themselves. The community has complained for a while now about the speed of X-cart 5 vs X-cart 4. By its very nature and MVC framework we expect X-cart 5 to be slower than X-cart 4. But the speed has been so slow that it was frustrating for users and developers alike. But now, our speed concerns appear to be a thing of the past. Thanks X-Cart team!

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